Our restaurant is open:

  •  daily – during summer holidays
  • from Friday to Sunday – in May, June and September

For the rest of the year, we take bookings for individual family/business parties.

Come and try our delicious food!

Restaurant menu



Appetizers Price
Herring in sour cream (~200g + bread) 16 zł
Chicken wrap (~200g) 18 zł
Veggie wrap (~200g) 18 zł
Soups Price
Broth soup (~200/400ml) 8/12 zł
Fish soup (~400 ml) 18 zł
Soup of the day (~400ml) 15 zł
Mains Price
Herring in sour cream with potatoes and salad (~280/100/100g) 26 zł
Flounder fillet with chips/potatoes and salad (~200/100/100g) 26 zł
Cod fish with chips/potatoes and salad (~200/100/100g) 37 zł
Home-made chicken nuggets with chips/potatoes and salad (~120/100/100g) 18 zł
Chicken breast with dried potatoes mozarella cheese with chips/potatoes and salad (~200/150/100g) 25 zł
Turkey in leek sauce with chips/potatoes and salad (~200/150/100g) 25 zł
Cheesy Spinach Pasta Bake – veggie/chicken/salmon(400g) 21/24/27 zł
Desserts Price
Dessert of the day (~100g) 8 zł
Drinks Price
KASZTELAN beer 0,5l BTL. 8 zł
Amber beer ZłOTE LWY / JOHANNES 0,5l BTL. 10 zł
Amber beerWHEAT BEER / APA 0,5l BTL. 12 zł
Somersby 0,4l BTL. 10 zł
Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite, Nestea 05,l but. 7 zł
Water still/sparkling 0.5l 5 zł
Lemonade 0.25l 6 zł
Juice (apple/orange) 0.25l 4 zł
Okocim Beer ALCOHOL FREE 0,5l BTL. 8 zł
TABLE WINE 0,15L GL. 10 zł
TABLE WINE 0,75l BTL. 50 zł
PROSECCO 0,2l BTL. 20 zł
PROSECCO 0,75l BTL. 60 zł
CAPPUCCINO 0,12l 8 zł
CAFE LATTE 0,25l 10 zł
COFFEE 0.12l 6 zł
TEA 0.4l 6 zł